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IBM Sterling Commerce Review


IBM Sterling Commerce Strengths and Weaknesses

Competitive positioning in the Supply Chain software market is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses.

IBM Sterling Commerce Strengths

  • Although not yet fully integrated, Sterling has a compelling Supply Chain Execution fulfillment vision that covers Selling, Order Management and Logistics.
  • Sterling Commerce has the backing and support of IBM Global Business Services.
  • One of the major reasons customers select IBM Sterling’s Warehouse Management Software is the model driven business applications and web-oriented architecture.
  • For all but the most complex operations, Sterling covers a very broad set of Warehouse Management System requirements with deep and stable functionality.
  • Sterling Transportation Management Software offers one of the largest North American carrier communities that is included with their SaaS deployments.
  • Sterling Transportation Management Software is comparatively easy to use and has relatively short implementation times.
  • Sterling Order Management addresses complex and sophisticated business fulfillment needs.
  • The backing of Big Blue provides a letter of assurance and long term viability many global and enterprise customers demand.

IBM Sterling Commerce Weaknesses

  • IBM Sterling Commerce has been unable to generate significant sales momentum with their Warehouse Management System and Transportation Management System suites and is falling behind the competition. It is yet to be seen if IBM can turn this around and start to keep pace with the industry leaders.
  • Sterling Warehouse Management Software depth and breadth of functionality is challenged in complex supply chain operations.
  • Sterling Transportation Management Software is largely North American centric; lacking features to handle sophisticated global operations.
  • Sterling Transportation Management Software is missing fleet management, multi-carrier parcel management and freight sourcing and procurement functionality.
  • Despite IBM's adoption of disruptive technologies, Sterling Commerce has been a laggard when it comes to adopting innovative technologies such as social collaboration with partners, mobility, customer experience (CX), analytics and Big Data.

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IBM Sterling Commerce Review



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