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Sterling Commerce Technologies Review

Development Technology

Much like many IBM enterprise software solutions, Sterling Commerce development is based on Java technologies. The presentation layer is based on HTML, JSP and JSTL, Eclipse Rich Client Platform and OpenLaszio. The other layers (controller, business logic and persistent layers) are based on Java, Java Applets, EJB and WebSphere Common Services.

Primary technology platforms include:

  • Operating Systems: HP-UX11i, IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris, Red Hat Linux and MS Windows
  • Application Server: IBM WebSphere, JBoss and Oracle WebLogic
  • Database: IBM DB2, Oracle and MS SQL Server

Integration Technology

The Sterling Commerce suite of B2B integration offerings and IBM’s SOA offerings combine for an extensive list of integration options with some overlapping functionality.

Sterling Commerce integration offerings include:

  • B2B Integration – Automated B2B processes addressing: i) Cloud Services, ii) Gateway & Transformation, and iii) Process Applications
  • Managed File Transfer – Manage and control the flow of B2B information
  • B2B Collaboration Network – Secure connectivity and collaboration with partners
  • B2B Integration Services Basic – Electronic trading with business partners

WebSphere modules make up most of the components used in the IBM SOA line of products; and other SOA components include modules from IBM’s Rational, Lotus and Tivolio products. The IBM SOA implementation approach consists of model, assemble, deploy and manage phases; plus additional components for governance. IBM SOA addresses application and web services, application integration, business processes, exchange of information and security.

Software Customization Technologies

Software customization options begin with the configuration and setup parameters built into the application software, and extend to the SOA setup for services and business processes. IBM Global Business Services can be engaged to customize the base code or add additional functionality. Customers taking on customization projects in-house will require an in-depth knowledge of Java development technologies and WebSphere Common Services.

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