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OM Partners Review

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OM Partners Best Fit and Alternative Software

OM Partners Sweet Spot
Short list OM Partners when you have the following Supply Chain Planning software needs:

  • Complex process manufacturing that requires the ability to integrate plans from demand planning to production scheduling.
  • Food and beverage industry in competitive markets and with price and margin pressures.
  • Metal industry companies in specialized niche markets and large metal producers.
  • Companies in the competitive textile industry.
  • Forest, paper and packaging manufacturers in an ever changing business and regulatory environment.

Alternative Software Solutions
IT buyers may be best advised to consider alternative supply chain system products:

  • For smaller to midsize process manufacturers, there are several software solutions including CDC Software and Vicinity Manufacturing.
  • For large complex process manufacturers, Quintiq caters to a similar customer profile as OM Partners.
  • Although not as tightly integrated and designed to deal exclusively with process manufacturing, SAP, Oracle and JDA have many of the functionalities to address process manufacturing requirements, including planning and scheduling.

Concluding Remarks

OM Partners is a small and relatively young player in the Supply Chain Planning software market. But this has not held them back from gaining a respect for their solutions that address a full range of industries that rely on process manufacturing to develop their products. Along with a small handful of competitors, the OMP Plus suite is considered visionary with a cutting edge approach to solving the complex planning challenges of matching supply, demand and company values. Although their efforts to build up a presence in the U.S. are still early, given the quality of their solution and their customer references, they have a great story to tell and will likely make slow but steady inroads to the U.S market. Their approach to solving Supply Chain Planning is based on mathematical modeling; they have a deep domain expertise and they get high marks from their clients. Process manufacturers in need of a quality planning solution should consider OMP on their short list of solutions to evaluate.

OM Partners looks to have a bright future as one of the top planning solutions for process manufacturing. The fact that the company does not address discreet manufacturing requirements means that OM Partners is limited to playing a niche role. Also, in such a role, there is always the possibility OM Partners gets acquired by a bigger competitor such as SAP, Oracle, Infor or JDA.

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