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Quintiq Supply Chain Planning Software Review

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Quintiq Sweet Spot

Any process manufacturer in need of a quality planning solution should have Quintiq on their short list of solutions to evaluate. Short list Quintiq when:

  • Complex process manufacturing that requires the ability to integrate plans from financial planning to production scheduling.
  • Food and beverage industry in competitive markets and with price and margin pressures.
  • Metal industry companies in specialized niche markets and large metal producers.
  • Companies in the competitive textile industry.
  • Forest, paper and packaging manufacturers in an ever changing business and regulatory environment.

Alternative Supply Chain Software Solutions

IT buyers may be best advised to consider alternative supply chain software products when:

  • For smaller to midsize process manufacturers, there are several software solutions including CDC Software and Vicinity.
  • For large complex process manufacturers, OM Partners Plus caters to a similar customer profile as Quintiq.
  • SAP, Oracle and JDA have the functionality to address process manufacturing requirements, including planning and scheduling.

Concluding Remarks

Quintiq is a fairly young and small company that has done well by developing a top notch integrated planning solution for complex process manufacturing. Their approach to solving Supply Chain Planning is innovative, they have a deep domain expertise and they get high marks from their clients.

Quintiq is taking an aggressive growth strategy. In 2010, their CEO moved his office from Netherlands to Philadelphia as part of an effort to expand the software company's customer base from the European market to a global footprint. So far their expansion has been successful with 40% annual growth rates; also, they have received help from equity investors to help further fund their growth and strengthen their financial position.

In addition to company expansion, Quintiq is steadily advancing their supply chain planning software. By adding process templates for discrete manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, along with more robust demand planning solutions, Quintiq could expand their potential market and fuel growth. On the other hand, they could get swept up by an SAP, Oracle or IBM; Quintiq revenues are less than 2% of anyone of the three's revenue.

In the business software market, the best combination of executive talent, intellectual property and marketing wins. Quintiq has the first, does pretty well on the second and is woefully lacking in the third. The company has a great story to tell but seems to approach marketing with the type of conservatism it applies to financial governance. Much of the company's promotion seems to come across without a cadence or progressive deliveries that contribute to a solid message and ultimately produce a crescendo effect. Many Quintiq stories are interesting, but not what the market's looking for and become a flash in the pan. In a software industry where several direct competitors control the marketing communications with enticing messaging, more frequent messages delivered at more opportune times, and far more promotional effect, Quintiq is often left in the shadows. The company has some reasonable messaging but no volume. Quintiq's marketing communications need amplification if it expects to keep up and compete with much larger and more recognized competitors.

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