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Quintiq's Supply Chain Product Offerings

It is important to point out that Quintiq's Supply Chain Planning software is largely for complex process manufacturing (manufacturing that works with formulas and recipes instead of a BOM). Features that might be important or critical to discrete manufacturing, wholesale and retail industries are often materially different from process manufacturing. Quintiq does fit the bill for a full suite SCP (supply chain planning) solution for process manufacturing; but, many of their customers have chosen to deploy one or two of the software modules in a best of breed approach that also leverages other supply chain software. Quintiq solutions have been deployed in non-process industries when customers pursue a best of breed approach to SCP.

Quintiq takes a somewhat unique architectural approach that breaks up their Supply Chain Planning software into three layers. The first layer has many of the features of a SOA platform, the second layer addresses industry practices with a number of different market templates and the third layer is the customer specific layer. Imbedded in the first layer are a planning platform consisting of a demand, macro, company and schedule planning modules, and an optimization platform with math algorithms, analytics, an event propagator, a business modeler, workflow and other functionalities. The underlying architecture powers many of the unique business processes and software capabilities.

Planning Solutions

Quintiq production planning and scheduling software focuses on avoiding common problems such as high inventory levels, poor customer delivery times, low yield, high scrap and inefficient usage of capacity and production capabilities. Quintiq planning and scheduling is addressed over three time horizons:

  • Strategic Production Planning – Quintiq solutions use their Macro Planner for medium-term to long-term production plans.
  • Tactical Production Planning – The Quintiq Company Planner addresses real-time interactions between sales, planning and production solutions.
  • Operational Production Planning – The Quintiq Scheduler generates production schedules.

Demand Management

The demand management and forecasting software does not have the robust features of the top Supply Chain Management software vendors and many Quintiq customers use other products for demand management.

Planning and Demand Forecasting

The Demand Planner module generates forecasts and includes the expected features of a basic forecasting application. The demand forecast solution covers quantitative models based on historical data, judgment based forecasts, collaboration features that accept statistical data from outside sources and provides forecast visibility to interested parties. Software features that Quintiq promotes are integration with their Company Planner to manage interactions between sales, planning and production in real-time, and their Macro Planner to help plan supply needs, safety stock levels, and available to promise. Quintiq also provides multi-scenario forecasting to better anticipate fluctuations in demand.

Data Management

Data management addresses the basics, but may not have all the bells and whistles that SAP, Oracle and JDA include in their demand management solutions. There are features to accept statistical data from other systems, share forecasts throughout the organization and handle multi-forecast scenarios.

Collaborative Demand Planning

Again the collaborative feature doesn't have all the robust functionality of other demand management software solutions. Quintiq does have provisions built into the architecture that support IT standards to share data with other business systems; but, this does not address the more robust and sophisticated collaborative features to be considered a best practice.

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