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Quintiq Software Strengths and Weaknesses

Competitive positioning in the supply chain software industry is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses.

Quintiq Software Strengths

  • The Quintiq software architecture provides companies with a flexible configuration that addresses industry specific processes and customer unique needs.
  • Using process templates, macro planning, company planning and scheduling modules, and optimization algorithms, Quintiq is able to support best practices for the more complex process industry challenges.
  • Quintiq solutions are tightly integrated from high level financial based plans down to detailed factory production scheduling, and provides strong ATP and CTP capabilities.
  • Quintiq maintains a deep industry domain expertise and has strong professional services. Customers like how Quintiq approaches the proof of concept step and their responsiveness to customer feedback on areas to enhance and evolve.
  • Over the last few years, Quintiq has developed a global footprint and has received funding to continue their business expansion. Software delivery or deployment options include on premises and SaaS solutions.

Quintiq Weaknesses

  • Transportation module planning is tightly integrated with other planning modules; but, it is not a full feature TMS that is on par with the competition.
  • Demand planning is weak and lacks detailed features. Customers may be better off using another demand planning and S&OP solution, and import the results into Quintiq for production planning.
  • Many of the Quintiq software deployments are limited to a supporting role for another Supply Chain Planning software solution. For example, production planning and scheduling solutions become sub components for another SCP solution.
  • Outside the process manufacturing industry, Quintiq has limited value. Quintiq will need to expand their functionality and build process templates for discrete or mixed mode industries to compete as a full featured Supply Chain Planning software solution.
  • The company lacks timely advanced technology adoption which often disrupts the enterprise software industry. For example, the company is slow to react to technology advances such as cloud, mobility, social, analytics and online ecosystems of third party integrated solutions.
  • The company lacks a recognized brand and awareness in a very competitive market place. It's message is often clouded or subdued by larger competitors.

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