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Quintiq's Supply Chain Product Offerings

Global Trade Management

Supply Chain Network Design

Quintiq supply chain design lets customers perform strategic long-term SCM plans and make informed decisions regarding major activities such as capital investments, portfolio product mix, inventory levels, outsourcing, and customer service strategies. Multi-scenario functionality lets customers generate 'what-if' supply chain configurations that cover production sites, suppliers, inbound and outbound logistics, warehouses, distribution centers and more. The different scenarios can be analyzed to determine their impact on profits, costs, inventory levels and delivery performance.

Sales & Operational Planning

Quintiq S&OP solution is based on their Macro Planner module and outputs from demand forecasting. Macro Planner reaches a balance between demand and supply chain capabilities, and addresses safety stock levels and available to promise. Software feature sets address inventory optimization, strategic plans, resource capacity, sourcing, distribution and multiple scenario "what if" contingencies. The Dynamic Performance Analysis module allows planners to monitor results based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI), thus allowing for midcourse corrections in the S&OP plans.

Sourcing Material and Components

Sourcing features focus on high level strategies to help determine outsourcing versus insourcing analysis, and to achieve optimal financial benefits and negotiations with suppliers. Detail sourcing features, such as reverse auctions and online catalogs, will need to be addressed with an ERP suite or another software solution.


Quintiq does not provide a procurement module; supply planning and optimization is addressed in their Company Planner module. For full feature procurement solutions, customers will need to use their ERP software or another supply chain solution.

Distribution, Replenishment and Fulfillment

Utilizing their sophisticated planning and optimization modules, Quintiq provides customers with an array of solutions to manage and optimize the balance between customer needs, inventory levels and operating costs. The following solutions help customers address distribution, replenishment and fulfillment:

  • Sophisticated algorithms combine customer orders to align them with production units so that order fulfillment can be scheduled to optimize resources and reduce waste.
  • Adaptive Capacity Planning balances demand and capacity to avoid under utilizing resources or not meeting customers' needs. Planners can make informed decisions on how to best use resources in the most efficient and profitable way.
  • Material management features help planners reach the optimal material allocation to facilitate different fulfillment requirements including: make-to-order, make-to-stock, safety stock levels, VMI and more.
  • Advanced, automated real-time scheduling solutions help planners react to scheduling distribution by gaining full visibility of production facilities and dynamically deciding, per facility, how to adjust schedules including what to make, when to make and which resources to use.
  • Macro Planner provides insight into all factors and constraints that affect the product mix optimization with advanced multi-scenario functionality. Customers can easily compare multiple product mix scenarios and compare the impact to KPIs such as profits, costs, inventory levels, and delivery performance. This is also helpful when adding new products.
  • Company Planner enables reliable Available to Promise (ATP), Capable to Promise (CTP), Profitable to Promise (PTP) and capacity release strategies targeting the most profitable customers.

Inventory Optimization

Quintiq multi-level supply chain optimization software provides planners visibility into all aspects of the supply chain, and enables real-time management and optimization of production capacities, raw materials, and order fulfillment. The Product Mix Optimization solution, using the Macro Planner, helps to identify the ideal product portfolio to maximize profits. Macro Planner also addresses optimal safety stock levels and customer service levels.

Supplier Performance Management

The Dynamic Performance Analysis module allows a customer to monitor defined KPIs for suppliers; but, does not have structures to address setting up, monitoring, tracking, resolving and ranking vendors based on vendor compliance guidance or standards.

Collaboration and Supply Chain Visibility

Collaboration abilities are built in to the different planning solutions. The Dynamic Performance Analysis module provides Supply Chain Management visibility and monitoring of supply chain activities and overall performance.


Quintiq addresses logistic planning integration with their other planning solutions; but without the operational management functionality. In other words, most companies could not meet all their logistics needs with Quintiq; a WMS and TMS solution from another vendor is needed to address the non-planning operational activities. Quintiq logistic planning software features address the following:

  • Asset Repositioning – Manages empty containers and solves imbalances while maximizing asset utilization and reducing costs.
  • Load Planning – Analyzes complex rules and constraints to optimize load arrangement, delivery sequence and route.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Planning – Ensures that all maintenance is performed efficiently by integrating the maintenance tasks into the overall transportation plan.
  • Execution Management – Constantly monitors events, alerts dispatchers of issues and suggests alternative plans.
  • Terminal Planning – Plans berth capacity, yard occupation, driving distances, crane locations, and resource schedules.
  • Distribution Center Planning – Optimizes plans across distribution centers addressing dock doors, resource assignments, trailer load/unload sequencing and cross docking.
  • Pick Up & Deliveries – Plans operational schedules and manages real-time events.
  • Vessel Scheduling – Defines shipping networks and plans voyages.
  • Rail Freight Planning – Identifies the most profitable scenarios, taking all planning details into account, e.g. pre- & post-shunting, walking times, daily checks and fueling.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Quintiq does not provide a full Warehouse Management System. For warehouse management solutions, customers will need to use separate WMS software.

Transportation Management System (TMS)

The Quintiq logistic planning solution addresses many of the TMS best practice features; however, it is missing procurement, freight audit and settlement features.

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